PPEE (puppy) is a Professional PE file Explorer for
reversers, malware researchers and those who want to statically inspect PE files in more details

Puppy is free and tries to be small, fast, nimble and
friendly as your puppy!

About puppy

There are lots of tools out there for statically analyzing malicious binaries, but they are ordinary tools for ordinary files.
Puppy is a lightweight yet strong tool for static investigation of suspicious files. Two companion plugins are also provided. FileInfo, to query the file in the well-known malware repositories and take one-click technical information about the file such as its size, entropy, attributes, hashes, version info and so on. YaraPlugin, to test Yara rules against opened file.

The whole zip file hash:
MD5: EB97A7D3CCA480D363D5F0071E1A745F
SHA1: C25539771CDB3BAB0F4E9E76209F51BB823EBB70
SHA256: B82A1CD2753BD7986AA260ABC5DBFDEA1C9AB1DE89FBDC929EA456C17E71CE1A
Size: 1.84 MiB
Current version: 1.13.1 (2023-11-10)


For any comments, bugreports or feature request please e-mail me: [email protected]